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UniSa Measurement Group

Research activities of UniSa Measurement Group


During the years, the lines of research of the UniSA Measurement Group have moved from more traditional topics of electrical measurements and of design of sensors towards the develoment of numerical measurement methods, such as those based on digital signal processors, embedded systems or on neural networks, up to the design and characterization of measurements distributed through networks or based on machine vision and on the analysis of images. Throughout all these research areas, there has been a continuous attention to the evaluation of uncertanty and, generally, to the metrological characterization of instruments and measurement methods in compliance with international standards.

Research topics of the UniSA Measurement Group can be consulted either referring to one of the following pages:

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Researchers of UniSa Measurement Group are with the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn) of the University of Salerno. Research activities of the whole Department can be consulted here.


Instrument Fault Detection, Isolation and Accommodation (IFDIA)

  • Schemes based on analytical redundancy relationships are studied to be implemented both in embedded systems for automotive and in automatic measurement stations for industrial applications (download).


Software Testing

  • Developments of methods based on statistical techniques, to be used for validation of complex instrument software. Test methodologies are designed to generate sets of input combinations to be submitted to the software under test in order to detect design and implementation errors (download presentation for a PhD dissertation).


Systems and networks for remote metering of energy, water and gas flow

  • Developement of interface systems thought to allow the remote control of local units for the measurement of electrical energy, heat and gas.
  • Realization of microcontroller-based embedded systems equipped with wireless and wired communication modules.


Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), smart sensors

  • Analysis and characterization of synchronization protocols (FTSP, NTP, PTP, etc...) to be used in distributed measurement systems and WSNs.
  • Design and realization of smart microcontroller-based sensors for remote metering (download poster for I2MTC 2011 Conference).


Development of innovative sensors and transducers



  • Autometed spectral analysis of signal on a numerical oscilloscope
  • Transducer for biosensors
  • Example of 3D reconstruction
  • Example of skin lesion analysis
  • Stereo reconstruction geometry
  • Example of 3D reconstruction
  • calibration