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UniSa Measurement Group

Presentation of the Group

The Measurement Group is present at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Salerno, Italy, with its teaching and research activities since 1988, and with the current organization since late '90s. Today the Measurement Group consists of 4 members of the academic staff, a graduated technician and a number of collaborators (PhD students and PhD doctors, grant recipients, visiting researchers from other institutions). The research topics the Measurement Group has dealt with over the years include image-based measurement systems, metrological characterization of instruments and measurement software, wired and wireless interfaces for sensors and measurement instruments, devices and algorithms for signal processing in real-time. Current activities include:

  • Instrument Fault Detection, Isolation and Accommodation;
  • Calibration and performance assessment of structured-light 3D scanners;
  • Stereo-vision measurement system for industrial inspection;
  • Processing of epiluminescence images for the computer-aided diagnosis of melanomas;
  • Systems and networks for remote metering of energy, water and gas flow;
  • Development of innovative sensors and transducers;
  • Methods for the metrological characterization of devices, software and measurement systems;
  • Measurement systems for industrial production and automation.

The scientific coordinator of the UniSA Measurement Group is Prof. Antonio Pietrosanto.
The researchers of the UniSA Measurement Group are with the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn) and with the Didactic Board (Consiglio DIdattico) of Electronic Engineering of the University of Salerno.


Students can apply for the training period ("tirocinio") as per their degree program at the web page "Tirocini Ingegneria".


The group has been certified as a NI LabView Academy school in September 2011.


A video presentation is here (in Italian).




  • The UniSA Measurement Group has been certified as a LabView Academy School
  • bench
  • Spectral component measurements with IFFTc
  • Stereo reconstruction geometry
  • Bench3
  • Example of 3D reconstruction
  • Bench3